What is it?
OM3GA test kits are like a personal health forecast, It is a blood analysis to obtain the ratio's of omega-6 to omega-3 ratios. 
How's it done?
You order the number of packages required We obtain a simple blood sample, send the sample to our partners  laboratory for analysis.
Upon receipt of the results we produce an executive report that will help explain what all the numbers from the analysis mean and offer ways you may start to improve your health or change your path or direction for a better quality of life in the future.

To test for n-3 Omega 3  to n-6 Omega 6 ratios within the body in this way allows us to pin point as a percentage the n-3 to n6.  Once you know what your percentages are, you can then create a plan and start to alter them. Having these ratios at the right percentage and having your body at the right balance have widely acknowledged irrefutable benefits for human health.

You can’t change your destination overnight but you can change your direction in an instant.

Price List - 
BRONZE        = ONE OFF TEST WITH REPORT                                             RRP £90
Bronze, silver, gold and platinum package options for the test kits.  These will be interactive, tailor made diets and exercise plans made to cover the period prior to re-testing.  Smart phone, tablet, laptop is required  for gold and Platinum option packages
 To show your interest and to get this organised asap fill in the details below and a member of the team will contact you to arrange a time!